Dating sucks (A guest post by Claudio Morales)

dating sucksDating sucks. Unlike Ms Daphne here who seems to relish or even enjoy the act of dating, I for one can’t stand the dating game. Although I’ve gotten somewhat good at it, its almost always a painfully annoying exercise involving forced conversation, hiding of nerves and most commonly subjection of both participants to an activity that at least one party would avoid given the chance. I’ve dated enough girls in my time to know which hoops to jump through correctly, but its still a completely ponderous ritual.

My dating history is rather expansive, I’ve tried dating both students and professionals, girls with serious commitment issues, girls with serious rejection issues, blondes, brunettes, Americans, Europeans and there’s only one think that I’ve found consistently through it all. Dating really, really sucks, especially for guys. Nowhere have I heard it explained why so succinctly than in the classic U.K. sitcom Coupling. The main reason, as explained by the character Steve on his date with Susan, is that for men, the outcome of the night is an unknown. The whole time, we simply have the question bouncing around in our heads, are we going to get any? For women, they already know, they hold the cards.

A male of friend of mine (whom I’ll call Ghandi) may or may not be something of a genius in that he simply doesn’t date women. No, he’s not gay, he simply doesn’t bother with it. He never goes to movies, doesn’t invite women out to dinner and would never subject himself to any theater-based activity. He’s a fairly typical alpha-male and quite a successful one at that. If he wants to sleep with a girl, he’ll tell her directly that’s what he wants and if she’s not interested, he doesn’t waste time pursuing her. If he meets a new girl for the first time and he’s interested in sleeping with her, he’ll invite her out for some drinks in a group setting. Somehow girls seem to go for this and from all reports he currently has enough leads in his phone to sleep with a different woman every night of the week, should he so desire.

I acknowledge that dating is a necessity for those of us wishing to find a suitable partner (as opposed to those of us like Ghandi who simply want to screw everything female out there with a heartbeat), but aren’t there any ways we could make it more bearable for all concerned? Although I am no longer a single man I have a stock of enough stories of successes and failures to share and perhaps by doing so here those still playing this ludicrous game can garner some insight. Many are painful, embarrassing and frustrating even to think about, but hopefully their re-telling can provide some value. And who knows, maybe once I’ve finished recounting them all, those of you who’ve bothered to digest them will reach the same conclusion that I have. . . dating always has and always will for men

December 15, 2012. Uncategorized.

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  1. Mary Grace Stevenson replied:

    Well said Claudio.

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