What the hell happened to Anthropologie?

Pretty Anthropologie THEN (ca. 2007)…

It’s no secret that boys like girls in sundresses, and I’ve always worn dresses on pretty much every date I’ve ever had.  For years and years, my favorite source for pretty date frocks was Anthropologie.  Sure, they were expensive, but the dresses were always beautiful and well-made with unique little touches, like pockets and lace-trimmed linings.  These investment pieces are still gorgeous years later and remain among my favorite items in my closet—for date nights and otherwise.

…and ugly Anthropologie TODAY (2012)

It used to be that I couldn’t walk into an Anthropologie store without buying something (and drooling over practically everything else).  But all that changed a couple years ago (circa 2010), when suddenly Anthropologie’s style seemed to take a major U-turn away from “pretty and vintage” to “ugly and unflattering.”  Since then, there’s hardly been a single pretty, much-have dress in the entire catalog, which is now filled with shapeless sacks and ugly grandma clothes.

even uglier Anthropologie in 2012

At first, I was kinda relieved since I was no longer dropping a huge chunk of every paycheck in the store.  But as the months and years wore on, I became increasingly disenchanted by Anthropologie.  I rarely even look on the website anymore, since it’s become an exercise in futility.  It’s just rack after rack of ugliness, with nary a silk sash or nipped-in waistline in sight.

What gives, Anthropologie?  Please bring back the pretty dresses so I have something new to wear on my dates!

August 2, 2012. Uncategorized.


  1. Brigitte replied:

    I totally agree with the above. I found this page searching for “What happened to Anthropologie?” Now I want to do some research and find out if something changed hands at Anthropologie. The models with bad poses just make it worse. Ewwwwww.

  2. Cheleida replied:

    A friend of mine and I were talking about this yesterday. I have a few sleek sweaters and dresses left over from the “good old days”, now they all seem to be boxy, baggy, cropped and flattering on no one. I’ve turned to Modcloth and Shabby Apple for my dress/interesting tops fix. The upside is that they tend to a bit less expensive.

  3. nc replied:

    Agree 100%. I used to tell people that if they wanted to buy a gift, they could pick anything in the store. I just went on the website– UGH!– what are all those plain, boring dresses styled with shoes and tights that don’t look right. Sad, sob…..

  4. Lauren V replied:

    I have been holding on to gift cards and merchandise credits for about three years now waiting for the day I would find some things I couldn’t live without…sadly that day has not come. I had a baby and told myself that I just didn’t feel good about how I would look in certain things, but now I know why by reading your comments about the new boxy, shapeless styles. I didn’t want to believe my favorite store had changed, but the other day a younger friend of mine called it “the old lady store”!!! I did look in to this and in fact in 2010 there was a change in executive management, which likely explains a lot….so sad….

  5. k franco replied:

    I agree, being an avid anthro shopper for years..the last couple years not so much..no longer the unique and cute styles of prior anthro years gone by!

  6. kristen replied:

    I agree!! Any suggestions on an alternative to Anthro?

    • Daphne Reese replied:

      I still haven’t found a replacement for Anthro 😦 but I should mention that I’ve gotten a few really cute items there in the past few months (a couple dresses, a belt, and a fake-fur coat). And ALL of them were on the sale rack! My friend tells me that’s because my style is “no longer cool.” Ha. She’s probably right.

      One of the other commenters suggested ModCloth. I really like the dresses on ModCloth, but sadly, I find that I’m sized out of most of them! I wear a 0 or 2 at Anthro, and the “Smalls” at ModCloth are usually too big for me. I’d love to hear other suggestions if anyone has them!

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