What the hell happened to Anthropologie?

Pretty Anthropologie THEN (ca. 2007)…

It’s no secret that boys like girls in sundresses, and I’ve always worn dresses on pretty much every date I’ve ever had.  For years and years, my favorite source for pretty date frocks was Anthropologie.  Sure, they were expensive, but the dresses were always beautiful and well-made with unique little touches, like pockets and lace-trimmed linings.  These investment pieces are still gorgeous years later and remain among my favorite items in my closet—for date nights and otherwise.

…and ugly Anthropologie TODAY (2012)

It used to be that I couldn’t walk into an Anthropologie store without buying something (and drooling over practically everything else).  But all that changed a couple years ago (circa 2010), when suddenly Anthropologie’s style seemed to take a major U-turn away from “pretty and vintage” to “ugly and unflattering.”  Since then, there’s hardly been a single pretty, much-have dress in the entire catalog, which is now filled with shapeless sacks and ugly grandma clothes.

even uglier Anthropologie in 2012

At first, I was kinda relieved since I was no longer dropping a huge chunk of every paycheck in the store.  But as the months and years wore on, I became increasingly disenchanted by Anthropologie.  I rarely even look on the website anymore, since it’s become an exercise in futility.  It’s just rack after rack of ugliness, with nary a silk sash or nipped-in waistline in sight.

What gives, Anthropologie?  Please bring back the pretty dresses so I have something new to wear on my dates!

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