It’s Official: Boston Men are Biggest Pigs in America

Pig With Bow TieNot that you needed a study to tell you this, but the dating scene in Boston is bleak. To quantify exactly how bleak, some researchers recently conducted a study on men’s and women’s attitudes on dating in different American cities. Turns out, men in Boston are the biggest pigs in America, with one in eight Boston men expecting sex on a first date—the highest ratio in the country. In a related finding, Boston women are the unhappiest daters in America, with more than 26% complaining about their love lives. (Compare that figure to top city Washington, DC, where 87% of women are actually happy with their dating lives).

So what’s a poor Boston woman to do? Move away? That’s probably the best option, although I have discovered a workaround. For the most part, I have sworn off Boston men for good due to the fact that after years of dating in this city, I still have yet to find a native Bostonian who really makes my heart race. Instead, I’ve gotten good at seeking out the imports: American men who move here from other cities or–even better–European imports.

For more survey results, you can see the Glamour slideshow here:

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